The Journey

When you lose sight of me
And feel the light dim and the path narrow:
I will find you
And cut down the briars that block your way

When you stumble in our dance
And the music makes no sense:
We will waltz
Belly to belly
Beat by beat
To our blood's rhythm.

When your eyes mist
And life bears no clarity:
I will bring to you
The sensual gifts of simplicity.
Our voices will hum a lullaby.
And we will harvest Love.

When you are no longer hungry
For tomorrow's adventure:
I will nourish you with
Our tapestry of memories
And we will feel
The sigh of reminiscences on
Our skin like a kiss.

When you do not know me
And all seems lost:
We will journey together
Through every inch
Of this aching void,
And I will remember for you.

For while we breathe,
You are everything.
And your everything
Is in me -

For our Forever.

(March 2013)