St David's

Such sighs of relief to be there,
Tips of tongues tasting salt air
And eyes sucking in the first sight of
The blue blue sea,
Through the arched and craggy rocks of Newgale.
To be there beside my Dad
And know with out knowing the feeling of
Total well being
And completeness.
And no matter how sour the mood
The beauty wormed its way in
And changed us,
So that a grumpy face would grin
And lazy legs would leap at the idea
of a climb along the headland
To see Solva harbour nestled in the arms of
The bracken-hugged hills.
And to peer down and see tiny houses
The colour of Opal Fruits
And toy cars winding their way up a licorice trail.

Once I sat on the hill with my eight year old
And in a red bucket of salty sea water, we
Watched the sun disappear behind
The pock-marked moon.
We watched this reflected wonder with
Awe and when the night in the day came,
The twitter and flutter of briary birds ceased
And a hush fell
That not even the exhausting exuberance of a small boy
Wished to pierce.

At that moment
All is well in my world.
I don't know it, but I have everything.

210 miles to the east in the early morning
I look at maps of Wales
And my awkward fingers allow me
To zoom in with the ease of a god
And magnify the criss cross
Of summer fields and the tangle of roads
Captured forever.
I move the cursor over Saint David's
And the rocky coast line in search of a lagoon
And black rock beach,
I wish to intensify the search and find me and my Dad
Walking somewhere among the dazzle of pixels.

We are standing in the sunshine
Half way along the slate path
Watching three teenagers jump twenty feet from an old
Quarry wall in to chilly dark sea.
We hear their yelps echo
Across the water
and their whooped names;
Danny, Gareth and Tomas.
And from our small spot in the sun
We silently gather the knowledge
That Tomas is the back flipping
Belly flopping fool,
That Danny is starving hungry
And that Gareth is afraid to jump.

The sun shines on us
And we do not speak;
We never did much,
But we are together
And time is still.

At that moment
All is well in my world.
I don't know it, but I have everything.

(July 2009)