Kizzy (My Cat)

Me and my cat sleep back to back.
we dream different dreams
Snug in the sack
She purrs and I snore
To the rhythm of night
Together we drift
Through darkness to light
Sometimes she leaves
Proud huntress indeed
To prowl the garden
For cat menu feed
But then she returns
Cold and damp
to cuddle
Up tight
In our comfortable camp
Under the covers
She tickles my knees
With a chilly little nose
And not many fleas
Sometimes she wakes me
Paddling my head
But I'm happy to know
She is safe in our bed
And as dawn comes
We both arise
To watch the sky brighten
And fill up our eyes
Hers are the green of a summer's day
Naughty mischievous and full of play
Mine are brown like chocolate sauce
But her's are much prettier than mine of course
So off we pad into our worlds
As cat and human
Life uncurls.

(December 2022)